BSP Library on Hadoop?

Recently, I started to participate in the Hama project (a distributed scientific package on Hadoop for massive matrix and graph data), and I have taken the times to develop the bulk synchronization parallel (BSP) library on Hadoop (HAMA-195); I’m getting help from Edword Yoon, a founder of Hama project. The motivation of BSP lib is definitely clear.

The hadoop platforms are installed in cloud computing service providers and many companies as you can see in However, most of them may use only MapReduce programs. As you know although MapReduce is very scalability, but it provides only the simple programming model. Many programmers want to use more various programming model without changing the platform (i.e., Hadoop). This BSP lib will be the beginning for their desires. However, like MapReduce, BSP may also be not swiss army knife. When we find appropriate applications, BSP lib on Hadoop will be valued for its scalability and ability.

Sooner, I’ll post articles about the progress of BSP library and Angrapa (the graph package on Hama).

Preparing new opensource mirror site for korean users

Recently, I’m preparing the mirroring site for opensource archives. This mirror site aims to provide korean users with opensource archives fastly.

Because the mirroring service consumes so much network bandwidth, we firstly had to be permitted by the office of information technorogy & service. Last week, we finally got the permission from the office.

Above all, we provide the mirror service for Ubuntu, Gentoo Linux, Eclipse, and Apache. Later, if we are asked to mirror other opensource archives, we will do that.

The URL of our mirror site plans to be However, this address is not yet available. I will register this domain to office of infomation technolorogy & service.


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