Data-Intensive Text Processing with MapReduce Draft Available in Online

Data-Intensive Text Processing with MapReduce, Jimmy Lin and Chris Dyer

Actually, there have never been books that directly deal with MapReduce programming and algorithms. This book addresses from MapReduce algorithm design to EM Algorithms for Text Processing. Although this book is still draft, it seems well-organized and very interesting. In addition, the book contains some basic graph algorithms using MapReduce.

애플 타플릿 IPad 발표 됐군요.

나오기 전부터 시끄럽더니 단순한 언론 플레이는 아니었던 것 같습니다. 아래 두 링크는 발표와 제품 사진, 그리고 동영상입니다. 가격이 $499 부터 시작한다는게 조금 부담이네요.

제가 흥미로웠던 건 발표 시점에 이미 SDK, 프로그래밍 가이드라인, 휴먼 인터페이스 가이드 라인까지 준비가 되어 있었고 곧 바로 홈페이지에 소개가 됐다는 사실입니다. 언플을 밥먹듯 하는 국내 일부 기업들은 좀 배워야 하지 않나 싶습니다.

새로운 개념의 소셜 서비스 – Sekai Camera

Sekai Camera라는 어플이 앱스토어에 글로벌 버전으로 출시됐다고 한다. 살펴 보니 증강현실(augmented reality) + UCC + 소셜 네트워크를 이용한 새로운 개념의 소셜 서비스 인 것 같다. 최근 다양한 미디어와 디바이스를 바탕으로 한 이러한 서비스들이 우훅죽순으로 쏟아져 나오고 있는데 향후 3~5년 뒤가 참 기대된다. 더불어 이와 관련된 데이터 관리(data management) 이슈들도 많이 제기 될 것이다. 그런데 국내 IT업체들은 지금 같이 급변하는 미디어 및 기술의 변화 속에서 현재 어떤 아이디어를 가지고 미래를 준비하고 있는지 참 궁금하다.

ACM SIGMOD 2010 Programming Contest

As you know, SIGMOD is ACM’s Special Interest Group on Management of Data. SIGMOD holds the annual conference that is regarded as one of the best conference in computer science. Besides, SIGMOD organizes a programming contest in parallel with the ACM SIGMOD conference. Below description is the call for the programming contest of this year. The programming contest’s subject of this year seems very interesting! The task is to implement a simple distributed query executor built on top of last year’s main-memory index. The environment on which contestants will test their implementation may be provided by Amazon. If you are interested in this programming contest, try that. You can get further information from here (

A programming contest is organized in parallel with the ACM SIGMOD 2010 conference, following the success of the first annual SIGMOD programming contest organized last year. Student teams from degree-granting institutions are invited to compete to develop a distributed query engine over relational data. Submissions will be judged on the overall performance of the system on a variety of workloads. A shortlist of finalists will be invited to present their implementation at the SIGMOD conference in June 2010 in Indianapolis, USA. The winning team, to be selected during the conference, will be awarded a prize of 5,000 USD and will be invited to a one-week research visit in Paris. The winning system, released in open source, will form a building block of a complete distributed database system which will be built over the years, throughout the programming contests.

Google’s New Location-based Service

I always feel that Google is leading internet services. Recently, Google map provides the map service that allows users to search locations by given query keywords, such as restaurant, hospital, and gas station. They can be ordered by the distance from user’s location, the user-preferred ranking, and both. In addition, Google presents the new local search for mobile tab. This service enables users to mark some locations with stars and to can call starred places through only few clicks. Below video shows that service.

Actually, these services are not new in the academic’s point of view , but Google are realizing things that are mentioned in the literatures.