MapReduce Online Comes Out!

MapReduce has been gaining much attention in data intensive computing field. As you know, it is well known as a very popular framework for batch-processing.

Recently, however, Tyson Condie who is a Ph.D student in UC Berkeley accomplishes MapReduce Online. Today, I heard this news from Data Beta. Actually, It is amazing works since the original MapReduce is specialized and designed for only batch-processing. In addition, most people believe that MapReduce will remain a batch-processing.

The essential of MapReduce online is that it tries to hold the fault-tolerance model of the original MapReduce, whereas it provides the the pipelining of results across tasks and jobs instead of materializing the output of each MapReduce task and job into disk. Consequently, MapReduce online enables the program to return the result earlier from a big job.

You can get further information from MapReduce Online.

BSP Library on Hadoop?

Recently, I started to participate in the Hama project (a distributed scientific package on Hadoop for massive matrix and graph data), and I have taken the times to develop the bulk synchronization parallel (BSP) library on Hadoop (HAMA-195); I’m getting help from Edword Yoon, a founder of Hama project. The motivation of BSP lib is definitely clear.

The hadoop platforms are installed in cloud computing service providers and many companies as you can see in However, most of them may use only MapReduce programs. As you know although MapReduce is very scalability, but it provides only the simple programming model. Many programmers want to use more various programming model without changing the platform (i.e., Hadoop). This BSP lib will be the beginning for their desires. However, like MapReduce, BSP may also be not swiss army knife. When we find appropriate applications, BSP lib on Hadoop will be valued for its scalability and ability.

Sooner, I’ll post articles about the progress of BSP library and Angrapa (the graph package on Hama).

Google’s New Location-based Service

I always feel that Google is leading internet services. Recently, Google map provides the map service that allows users to search locations by given query keywords, such as restaurant, hospital, and gas station. They can be ordered by the distance from user’s location, the user-preferred ranking, and both. In addition, Google presents the new local search for mobile tab. This service enables users to mark some locations with stars and to can call starred places through only few clicks. Below video shows that service.

Actually, these services are not new in the academic’s point of view , but Google are realizing things that are mentioned in the literatures.