Google’s New Location-based Service

I always feel that Google is leading internet services. Recently, Google map provides the map service that allows users to search locations by given query keywords, such as restaurant, hospital, and gas station. They can be ordered by the distance from user’s location, the user-preferred ranking, and both. In addition, Google presents the new local search for mobile tab. This service enables users to mark some locations with stars and to can call starred places through only few clicks. Below video shows that service.

Actually, these services are not new in the academic’s point of view , but Google are realizing things that are mentioned in the literatures.

2 Comments on “Google’s New Location-based Service”

  1. Edward says:

    옛날에 잠깐 얘기했던게 나왔군용.

  2. Hyunsik Choi says:

    그러게 말이죠 🙂

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