ACM SIGMOD 2010 Programming Contest

As you know, SIGMOD is ACM’s Special Interest Group on Management of Data. SIGMOD holds the annual conference that is regarded as one of the best conference in computer science. Besides, SIGMOD organizes a programming contest in parallel with the ACM SIGMOD conference. Below description is the call for the programming contest of this year. The programming contest’s subject of this year seems very interesting! The task is to implement a simple distributed query executor built on top of last year’s main-memory index. The environment on which contestants will test their implementation may be provided by Amazon. If you are interested in this programming contest, try that. You can get further information from here (

A programming contest is organized in parallel with the ACM SIGMOD 2010 conference, following the success of the first annual SIGMOD programming contest organized last year. Student teams from degree-granting institutions are invited to compete to develop a distributed query engine over relational data. Submissions will be judged on the overall performance of the system on a variety of workloads. A shortlist of finalists will be invited to present their implementation at the SIGMOD conference in June 2010 in Indianapolis, USA. The winning team, to be selected during the conference, will be awarded a prize of 5,000 USD and will be invited to a one-week research visit in Paris. The winning system, released in open source, will form a building block of a complete distributed database system which will be built over the years, throughout the programming contests.

BSP Library on Hadoop?

Recently, I started to participate in the Hama project (a distributed scientific package on Hadoop for massive matrix and graph data), and I have taken the times to develop the bulk synchronization parallel (BSP) library on Hadoop (HAMA-195); I’m getting help from Edword Yoon, a founder of Hama project. The motivation of BSP lib is definitely clear.

The hadoop platforms are installed in cloud computing service providers and many companies as you can see in However, most of them may use only MapReduce programs. As you know although MapReduce is very scalability, but it provides only the simple programming model. Many programmers want to use more various programming model without changing the platform (i.e., Hadoop). This BSP lib will be the beginning for their desires. However, like MapReduce, BSP may also be not swiss army knife. When we find appropriate applications, BSP lib on Hadoop will be valued for its scalability and ability.

Sooner, I’ll post articles about the progress of BSP library and Angrapa (the graph package on Hama).

Computer Scientist들을 위한 추천 블로그 (1)

오늘은 Computer Science 분야의 문제들 및 최신 이슈들을 다루는 몇몇 유명 블로그들을 소개하려고 한다. 워낙 유명한 블로그들이라 이미 많은 분들이 아실꺼라 생각이 들지만 혹시 모르는 분들이 있을까 이렇게 소개해 본다.

  • The Database Column – 말 그대로 데이터베이스 이슈들을 다룬다. 최근에는 클라우드 컴퓨팅에 대한 이슈도 언급된다. 이 블로그는 진짜 짱인게 Samuel Madden
  • Gödel’s Lost Letter and P=NP제목만보면 NP문제를 주로 다루는 것 같지만 다양한 문제들과 알고리즘들을 다루고 있다(사실 오늘 발견함). 상당히 유익해 보이는 반면 어려워 보인다 (@_@).
  • All Things Distributed – Amazon CTO인 Werner Vogels의 블로그 이다. Scalable and distributed Computing에 대한 이슈를 다룬다.

원래 계획은 5개씩 소개하여 2회에 총 10개 소개였는데 요즘 포스팅 거리도 없고 하니…… 나머지는 다음에 이어서 쓰겠다.

덧붙임. 저 블로그들에 읽고 싶은 글들은 많은데 업데이트되는 수가 장난이 아니라…따라가기 참 힘들구나 ~(~_~)~