CIKM 2009 in Hong Kong

With Min Kyoung Sung who is a coauthor of  ‘SPIDER : A System for Scalable, Parallel / Distributed Evaluation of large-scale RDF Data‘, I participated in 18th ACM CIKM 2009 (Conference on Information and Knowledge Management) held in Hong Kong. We stayed in Marriott Hotel near the Asia World-Expo at which CIKM 2009 held. At this conference, I got along with several Korean researchers (Kyong-Ha Lee, Jinoh Oh, and Sangchul Kim) and I discussed about SPIDER with some researchers who are interested in RDF data processing during the demonstration session.

At CIKM 2009, I felt that the recent trend of web data management are being changed to information extraction and semantic or structured web data rather then unstructured data. Many papers and posters addressed these issues. In addition, the subject of the panel was ‘ Information extraction meets relational databases: Where are we heading?’ One of the panel said that the hot spot of web data management research changes from crawling, indexing, and searching to information extraction and semantic data. These changes lead to new various data and knowledge management issues. Besides information extraction, graph data mining was one of the main hot issues in CIKM 2009.

At the main keynote, Kyu-Young Hwang (KAIST, Korea) spoke ‘DB-IR Integration and Its Application to a Massively-Parallel Search Engine.’ Its key subject is that DB-IR integration is becoming one of major challenges in the database area, so it is leading to new DBMS architecture applicable to DB-IR integration. In addition, Edward Chang (Google Research China) and Clement Yu (University of Illinois at Chicago) spoke ‘Confucius and its intelligent Disciples‘ and ‘Advanced Metasearch Engines respectively.

Coffee Break at CIKM 2009SPIDER in Demo Session

Tian Tan Buddha Statue in Hong KongThe lunch time in CIKM 2009

This conference was a really nice experience for me. I enjoyed the conference, reception, and banquet. However, I have an unsatisfied feeling because I didn’t participate in the 1st Workshop CloudDB 2009 in conjunction in CIKM 2009.

Anyway, this conference inspired Min Kyoung Sung and me. It may be kept in our mind for long time.

7 Comments on “CIKM 2009 in Hong Kong”

  1. harim says:

    2장짜리 페이퍼치곤 문법적 오류 및 오타 (특히, a(n)/the의 중복)가 많이 보이더라. 뭐 이미 낸 건 어쩔 수 없지만, 연구실 홈페이지에 올려놓은 논문 파일은 수정 좀 하면 좋을 듯.

  2. Hyunsik Choi says:

    워낙 급하게 쓴거라 나도 나중에 확인 했지만 어쩔 수 없었지..올려 놓은건 이미 프로시딩으로 나온거라 그냥 내비둘려고

  3. harim says:

    ㅋㅋ 4장에서 2장으로 급하게 줄이느라 오타가 생겼구나..ㅋㅋ

  4. Hyunsik Choi says:

    너무 컴팩트한 상태라 쉽지 않던데? ㅎ이전 버전이랑 내용도 달라졌고 해서 대부분 새로 썼지 뭐..

  5. bart7449 says:

    I was glad to see you there!

  6. Hyunsik Choi says:

    I was nice meeting you too 🙂

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